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Liz Trocchio Smith

Liz Trocchio Smith
Certified Executive Business Coach
and Trusted Advisor

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Corporate Consulting & Coaching

Don’t follow or lag behind!

Invest in yourself to be a step ahead of your peers and lead the pack.

Let’s partner together so YOU are setting the pace!

Work with Liz Trocchio

Executive Coaching

Identify goals, challenges, and set priorities to chart a course to individual success.

One-on-one executive leadership coaching is a year-long commitment that is initiated with discovery & assessment of your strengths and personal counseling to identify new opportunities to leverage your strengths, eliminate challenges, and reach your professional potential.

“Liz is compelled to make a difference in the lives of professional women in corporate America by giving back and allowing them to see the potential within themselves for great things to happen. Proven by the number of accomplishments and contributions she has delivered to our industry over the years, Liz will impact many lives.”

Lucy Billingsley

Team Training

The best performance is enhanced through the engagement of a well-designed support network.

In most corporate cultures, teams have an organic nature.  With some assessment and restructuring, greater productivity is attainable. Developing balance goes beyond production to regularly foster job satisfaction and employee retention.

“I have known Liz Trocchio as a friend and competitor in the commercial real estate business for over 20 years. Her desire to make a difference in people’s lives is evident by her loyalty and dedication to this business and her success. Liz’s commitment to mentoring and working with women has made such an impact in how women work with women and how men work with women. To want to give back full time to assure she sees a difference in her lifetime is commendable, and I look forward to working with her and watching her succeed!”

Roger Staubach
Executive Chairman, Americas

Organizational Consulting

Optimize the functions within an organization to increase top-line production.

Invest in the external perspective that will facilitate production, improve corporate culture, and eliminate broken initiatives. This is a custom program to express the vision, name the target and KPIs, and document the plan.