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Liz Trocchio Smith
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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Time.  We never seem to have enough of it and we always seem to be racing it.

I was hurrying to get out of the house last week and looked at the clock in my bedroom.  Than looked at the clock in my kitchen as I was grabbing a cup of coffee and then again on the microwave as I was grabbing something to eat on my way out.  I noticed none of the clocks were set for the same time.  That made me wonder if any of my clocks were in sync.  So I checked.  Clock in my bedroom, clock in my bathroom, clock in my den, clock in my office, 2 clocks in my kitchen and a clock in my living room.  And that’s just downstairs.  None, not one had the same time.  So then why do I have so many clocks?

Of course, I also have an IPhone and an Apple Watch, and there is Alexa, so more clocks.

It got me to thinking “When we rely on clocks, do we give up control of our schedule?”  So I did some research and, although I won’t give up my clocks, here is what I know.

  • Constant time awareness makes us less productive
  • Clock based schedules can make us less happy and creative
  • Being too future-oriented can have negative effects on our life and well-being
  • Let go of deadlines once in awhile, but be careful about creating extensions
  • Slow down and get off the clock to expand your sense of time

Make it a great day!