Trust Requires Certain Leadership Habits

For years, organizations far and wide have attempted to crack the code on what makes for a healthy and profitable work culture. Well, let me save you time and money and simply break it to you here: It is trust.

We already know this to be true from several studies. For example, Great Place to Work — the global research consultancy that partners with Fortune to conduct the annual study of those “best companies” — confirms that trust is the human behavior you cannot afford not to have.

The research on those companies (Google, to no surprise, being No. 1 […]


Stay Interviews Are The New Exit Interviews

Want to do something that will launch you into the new era of HR? Get rid of your exit interviews and replace them with “stay interviews.”

If you’re new to this concept, unlike the exit interview, managers are using stay interviews to get fresh insight into improving the work environment or their own leadership skills to retain those valued employees today–not after they have emotionally disconnected and stopped caring.

Fair warning: Stay interviews are only as effective as people’s willingness to demonstrate transparency. The whole premise is based on honest two-way conversations between manager and employee, where each side gets to […]


Fundamental Truths We Too Easily Forget

It’s surprising how easy it is to lose sight of the important things in life. Busy schedules and weekly routines have a tendency to put the brain on autopilot.

Some of life’s essential truths need repeating. Keep this list handy and give it a read any time you need a boost.


Look at everyone around you. They all seem so busy—running from meeting to meeting and firing off emails. Yet how many of them are really producing, really succeeding at a high level?

Success doesn’t come from movement and activity. It comes […]


Memorial Day Tribute from Paul Harvey

Our Founding Fathers

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Five signers were captured by the British as traitors and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants; Nine were farmers and […]


Signs You Are Nearing Burnout at Work


Recently Forbes published an article on how to recognize burn out.  We can all face these challenges on occasion, so read on to see if you have any of the signs.

Doing challenging work is engaging. It gets the creative juices going and generates a sense of satisfaction once you complete it.

But challenging work can also be overwhelming. Without pacing, challenges can easily lead to long nights of stress and a sense of drowning: No matter where you look, there’s another problem waiting and no simple solution in sight.

Burnout comes in many forms, but they can all […]


Mentoring – Make It Meaningful

We all want to give back and leave a legacy to those that are following behind us to make the work place, and the world, a better place to be.  I mentor a lot of young professionals and have learned some tricks of the trade that I want to share with you so you can be the best you can be!

Demonstrate compassion and honesty

You just have to care. That’s step one—care enough to share advice and insight, and be willing to be honest. Obviously you want to share positive stories or wins with your mentee, but sometimes it’s […]


How Some Work Cultures Can Wear You Out!

Far too many companies believe that a cutthroat pressure-cooker culture gets results. They think the harder they crack that whip, the better people will perform.

High-pressure cutthroat organizations spend 50% more on healthcare for their employees than organizations with a more positive, supportive environment because 80% of workplace accidents are attributed to stress, as are 80% of doctor visits.

Cutthroat organizations are actually less productive because they experience significantly lower levels of employee engagement. Organizations with high numbers of disengaged employees have 40% lower earnings per share, are 18% less productive, and have 50% higher turnover.

If you’re working in […]


How Stress Literally Shrinks Your Brain


We all know that living under stressful conditions has serious emotional, even physical, consequences. So why do we have so much trouble taking action to reduce our stress levels and improve our lives?

Researchers at Yale University finally have the answer. They found that stress reduces the volume of grey matter in the areas of the brain responsible for self-control.

So experiencing stress actually makes it more difficult to deal with future stress because it diminishes your ability to take control of the situation, manage your stress and keep things from getting out of control.

A vicious cycle if […]


Inclusiveness Is Key

My husband and I recently came back from a trip with our dear friends, Jim and Robin. Jim came up with a great idea for dinner conversation so everyone would be included.  Each night, someone picked a topic they were familiar with or had read about and it became the conversation at dinner.  As there were several of us, it gave everyone at the table an opportunity to join the conversation and partake in thoughts, opinions and reflection.

This was a terrific idea as so many times when you have a group, several conversations can go on at […]


Confidence Matters

When you feel confident, the whole world seems to belong to you. You suddenly surround yourself with other successful and confident people, and both opportunities and success come your way with ease.

Everyone, at one time or another (including me!) struggles with lack of confidence.  Below I share some quick and easy ways to keep your confidence strong.

Define your purpose.

It’s hard to be confident in what you’re doing if you’re not sure why you’re doing it. What is your purpose in work and in life? Once you identify your “why,” you’ll be more confident because you’ll be coming […]


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