Manage Your Stress by Identifying What Triggers It

This time of year, stress is everywhere! Be mindful of what causes that stress.

We all have things that set us off — particular triggers that cause a less-than-helpful knee-jerk reaction. Understanding what stresses you out can help you improve your emotional intelligence and resilience. One way to identify your triggers is by completing statements like, “I become overwhelmed when…,” or “At work, I wish people would…,” or “I think it’s rude to…” You can also pay attention to your stress symptoms, such as sweaty palms, headaches, or tightness in your chest. Start watching for patterns in the situations […]


Make the Most of a Short-Term Assignment

Short-term assignments, transfers, or rotation programs can have big advantages: You’re exposed to new geographies, functions, cultures, and people. But these temporary positions often come with little or no training, so it’s your responsibility to get up to speed fast. Here are three ways to make sure you’re getting the most from a short-term assignment:

Set goals.At the start, write out what you hope to accomplish during your tenure — whether it’s to receive a permanent position or to develop a certain type of expertise (or both!). Also think through what you need to reach those goals. […]


Good Listeners Ask Good Questions

Some people equate good listening with sitting silently, nodding, making eye contact, and, when the speaker is done, paraphrasing what you heard. But these things are only part of what makes someone feel that you heard them. The best listeners go deeper by trying to understand the substance of what the other person is saying. Doing this requires that you ask questions to clarify your understanding and push the other person to better articulate their position, examine any assumptions they’re making, and see the issues in new light. You should also try to empathize with and validate any emotions […]


When Interviewing for a Job, Don’t Stick to a Script

It’s important to prepare for job interviews, including thinking about how you’ll answer certain questions. But you don’t want to just stick to your talking points. If you answer too quickly and your response is too smooth, you risk looking like you’re delivering a rehearsed answer, rather than engaging in a genuine conversation. So after the interviewer asks a question, pause — even if you’ve practiced a response. Listen for and reuse a few key words from the interviewer’s question to signal that you’re building on what the interviewer said. This will make the conversation flow more organically. You […]


To Work Less, Rethink How You Spend Your Time

You want to work less but you can’t imagine how, especially since you feel like you’re already behind. Begin by deciding how much you want to work. Set a target range of hours — for example, 45–50 hours per week — and use that number as a stopping point. If choosing a weekly range is overwhelming, start small by focusing on an incremental goal, like leaving 15 minutes earlier each day. Then determine the tasks you need to accomplish on a weekly and daily basis within this schedule to feel comfortable ending your workday on time. If […]


NOT For Women Only

I just returned from the National CREW, (Commercial Real Estate Women) Network Convention in Houston.  It’s always uplifting and powerful to connect with women from all over the world.  What is always fun to me, is not only do you connect with women from all over the world, but you also connect with women in the same city you work in.  We all get so busy and overwhelmed with, well, life, that we don’t get quality time with the women we see on a regular basis in meetings or at luncheons in your own city.

Our keynote speaker was the […]


Assess New Hires for Creativity

To build a team of creative thinkers, you need to hire people who are open to new experiences and have resilience, emotional stability, flexibility, and empathy. During interviews with potential hires, ask questions that test for these traits. For example, you might ask the candidate to come up with multiple solutions to a problem, and then see if they are able to draw connections between those solutions to find a novel approach. If you want to test a candidate’s ability for empathy, ask them to create a persona for a new product, or have them tell a story about […]


Evaluate Whether That Latest Digital Trend Is Worth Adopting 

No company wants to pass up a useful innovation. But given the current pace of technological change, how do you know that the next “revolutionary trend” isn’t just going to be a costly distraction? When deciding where and when to invest in technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and biometrics, consider whether the new technology does one of the following in a unique way:

Eliminates customer pain. Know your customers’ biggest pain points and assess whether the new technology alleviates them. Elevates customer service. Any new technology should materially improve customer service. Introducing something new should enable better delivery of the […]


Make Sure Your Sales Goals Aren’t Unrealistic

When a majority of salespeople miss a goal, it’s often because the management team set the goal too high. Unrealistic goals not only dampen sales, they also cause top-performing salespeople to get frustrated and leave. Here’s how to assess whether your sales goals are stretching into the impossible:

Track historic goal achievement outcomes. Set a benchmark for the percent of salespeople that should make their goals (typically 60%–75%). If the percentage is consistently below the benchmark, then your goals likely are too high. Prevent padding. Don’t allow senior leaders to pad national or regional goals before handing them down. Determine whether […]


Don’t Let Feeling Like an Imposter Hold You Back

We’ve all had that feeling of being a poser, being unworthy, or being unqualified to do something we’ve been tasked to do. But the fact that everyone occasionally suffers from impostor syndrome (even CEOs) doesn’t make it any easier to handle. Next time you feel like you’re in over your head, try these three things:

Recognize the benefits of being a novice. There are positives to being new in your field. When you’re not steeped in the conventional wisdom of a given profession or industry, you can ask questions that haven’t been asked before or approach problems in ways others […]


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