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Liz Trocchio Smith

Liz Trocchio Smith
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Ego’s…..We All Have Them

Managing egos, the over and under-inflated, the forceful and the fragile – is one of the great challenges facing any leader.  It is a crucial task, however, if a group is going to have a fighting chance to succeed, to become a true team rather than a collection of individuals – lone wolves – each looking out for him or herself rather than the “pack”.  Leadership must get those individuals thinking in terms of we rather than me.   This is possible only if the leader themselves thinks this way.

A “me-first” person puts the team second, places personal gain before group success, and withholds rather than shares.  This attitude is simply not acceptable.

Explain to each team member precisely how his or her contributions connect to the welfare and success of the entire organization.  Go out of your way to make them feel included and thank them for their efforts, if deserved.   Don’t take for granted that they know.   You will be surprised how quickly this raises morale and performance and creates a team sensibility.

The star of the team is the team.

Make it a great day!