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Set Clear Boundaries When Working From Home

Balancing work and family has never been easy, but the global pandemic has led to a whole new set of challenges. If you’re struggling to be productive, consider setting boundaries for yourself and your kids. For example, you can make it clear to your family when you’re on and off the clock, trying to stay out of your office area during your “home” time. If something urgent comes up (and it will), be transparent with your family about why you’re putting in the extra hours and apologize. You don’t want your kids thinking that you’re choosing work over them. To avoid interruptions, consider posting signs by your work area. A red sign might mean you can only be interrupted if there’s an emergency. Yellow could signal that a brief interruption is okay if it’s urgent. And green says that they can come in and maybe work alongside you quietly, but not distract you. Having clear boundaries can make the impossible circumstances that many parents are working under a little bit more manageable.

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Source:  Harvard Business Review