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Liz Trocchio Smith

Liz Trocchio Smith
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Step Away From the Screen Every Once in a While

It’s exhausting to look at a screen all day. And yet, if you’re working remotely, it may feel unavoidable. To maintain your energy throughout the workday, try to proactively disconnect from screens whenever you can. Remember that video calls aren’t necessary for every meeting: Try a regular phone call every once in a while to mix things up. Also, choose physical over digital when you can. Brainstorming ideas for an article? Write out your thoughts on paper or post-it notes. Creating a road map for a big project? Sketch the initial draft on a white board or butcher paper. Next, move around as much as possible, even if it’s just standing up and rolling your shoulders or grabbing a glass of water between meetings. Finally, take tech-free breaks over lunch, and find activities that don’t involve a screen to wind down. Taking these steps will help you reduce your digital fatigue and feel more energized at the end of each day.

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Source:  Harvard Business Review