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Does Your Car Have Blinkers?

Like me, I’m sure everyone seems to be out driving in their cars a lot.  To and from work, kids back at school, dropping kids off at  the many activities they have, running errands, etc.  Has anyone but me noticed that people DON’T use their blinkers?  I wonder sometimes if cars are just not make with them anymore, I mean seriously.

I did a little test when I was out and about last week for several hours in and out of meetings, lunch appointments, etc.  For the close to 4 hours I was on and off the road, less than 10% of drivers utilize their blinkers.  Ok, maybe this is a pet peeve of mine, but I haven’t realized it until recently.  It would really be helpful if we know ahead of time if people were actually going to turn, instead of right at the last minute and then they slow down, almost to a stop and turn, and the driver behind them is caught off guard.

So, let’s do a little test.  Next time you get in your car, look and see if the car has blinkers.  Should be right by the steering wheel.  Then when you find them, see if they work.   If they work, might as well use them, right?  To me, it’s just another way we can show a small act of kindness.

Make it a great day!!!