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Liz Trocchio Smith
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The Joy of Girlfriends

First, for all you men who just rolled your eyes and decided this Monday Morning Coffee doesn’t apply to you, read on.   I know you have women in your life – a wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, co-worker or friend who is a woman, so don’t turn away, you might just learn something.

Girlfriends are different.   A lot of women have “friends”, but the really lucky ones have “girlfriends”.

Girlfriends are special people.  We have a bond, a connection, kindred spirits that really can’t be explained.

Girlfriends know each others’ soul.  We laugh together, cry together, share our deepest fears, secrets and dreams.

Girlfriends get it.  Sometimes we just want to sit and not talk, and just being together is enough.

Girlfriends drop everything.  When you are in need, they know it and no matter what, and I mean, no matter what, they are there.

Girlfriends never let you down.  Never.

Girlfriends make a difference.  Always.

Girlfriends don’t judge.  They give you their opinion, and honor yours.

Girlfriends.  A true blessing.

I’m lucky enough to have girlfriends, and you know who you are!  Thank you for being my girlfriends!

Make it a great day!