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Yes, It’s Tuesday!

Well, I know it’s Tuesday that you are receiving your Monday Morning Coffee with Liz, but if you live in or near the Dallas area, you know we had a monstrous storm come through on Sunday.  No electricity, which means no internet, so I’m sitting in a Cafe’ writing this.

My husband and I were out at the time it hit and what we saw trying to get home was unbelievable.  80 MPH winds, rain coming down so hard sideways you could not see anything in front of you, and trees dropping everywhere, big trees, pulled up from the roots and being thrown across the road.  When we finally hit our neighborhood, we could not get in.  There were large trees that had fallen blocking both entrances.

But, as I have often seen, when things get tough, people get tougher.  The neighborhood pulled together with human muscle and chain saws to unblock the entrances, and then began going through the neighborhood seeing what they could do to help each of the neighbors.  By late in the day, most everyone had cleared what they could and were cleaning up much debris from their homes and yards.  Thankfully, no one was injured, but it will take some time to recover from the aftermath.

In times like I saw on Sunday, I have faith in mankind.  No one cared about your color, religion or political affiliation.  We needed each other and we came together.  Maybe, just maybe, we can be kind to one another just because.

Make it a great day!